who we are?

We can access for you a large network of international specialists, bundle their professional expertise and assist you in making your business successful in a competitive market. We ask the critical questions, challenge you to be creative, to discover your uniqueness and find the tools to use these to your benefit.

The plan to identify problem areas and/or potential for further optimization is devised jointly with your management, adjusted to your specific needs and the implementation jointly with our experts takes pace in steps adjusted to your ongoing business timetable.

Suna Gülgönen-Wilhelm, Management Consultant

Born into an international family, she studied in the United States and France. She has been living in Germany since 1992 and was active in international management for over 10 years. Following the establishment of an international private client business unit at a bank in Frankfurt, she focused on strategic and quality development in the Sector. In 1996, she joined a Swiss bank in Geneva as external consultant for market analysis and development. She was deployed to the management board of numerous banks, throughout Europe, with the task of establishing the private client and asset management business.

She pursued her personal interest in education throughout her professional career through personnel training and also teaching courses at private institutions in marketing and management. She is engaged in socio-cultural projects working on creative and innovative non-profit initiatives.